You create your own reality

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You create your own reality. Not gods.
Not some almighty deity.


You are responsible for your own actions.

You create your future, just like you create playlist on your mp3 player.
You are in control.

This is your reality. Your universe.
You create it. This universe is physical manifestation of your thoughts.
You are in charge here.

Whether you will be benevolent or malevolent is up to you.
And literary up to you. What you create will reflect, and apply to you.

You are connected to everything. Everything is connected to you.
Everything relates to you, is teaching YOU something, showing you something.
You are the center of your Universe. In fact, you are your universe. You create it.
Your universe in manifestation of you. Your instance.

Anything is possible :) Nothing is impossible.
Have an open heart. Let love guide you. Compassion, but not pitty.

Learn. Let love and light in. "Let the sunshine in"

Do not be afraid. Do not be sad.
You have friends. Choose them wisely.
Choose your future.
Use your own head.
And remember to smile :)