Increase your frequency before studying

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Increase your frequency before studying. Meditate?

Clear the mind before you start studying. You will learn more easily if you don't try so hard.
You should not be afraid that you will not to remember things you're trying to learn.

If you accept something as a game you will learn it faster then when you try hard to learn. Cause you will be relaxed. You will not say I must learn.
Instead, you will say I can learn this.
What would happen if I try this. Or this way. What if...?

Your body is like a wire. Don't keep it tight all the time.
Relax that wire a little.
Relax your body a little.

If you hold tight, there is no energy flow.
When you relax, you will remember easily, and learn more easily.

"If you tighten the string too much it will snap; and if you leave it too slack, it won't play." from the movie "Little Buddha"

Take test by yourself. Fake one, and then grade yourself.