Time exists as dots on a plane

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Time exists as dots on a plane. Think a huge piece of a paper covered with dots. You move from one dot to the next.
Currently, to get to the next dot you have to go through the neighboring dots.
If there was a way to get from one to another...


Or imagine time as looking through the fixed looking glass. on the track time moves in one direction. If you could unstuck looking glass, and look in another direction?

Or imagine travelin on highway in one direction. you can switch lane, but always go in only one direction. If we could get off the road and get back in another point in the road?...

Just cause timeline does not connect a dot, it does not mean that dot does not exist.

We see time as connected dots. A line. Linear.
When you change something, you make line connect different dots. they still exist. somewhere. unconnected.
So you cannot kill yourself before changing the timeline.
Part of you in the line exist. The future you came from does not?
Insted there is some other future connected. (If you changed past enough. Make the line go away enough.)
From Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card

We can bridge time with our intention. You can bridge time with your intention, and choose the timeline you want to be in. Your future.
Like puling in the dots with the magnet, choosing which to make your reality. Your timeline.