Love is a broadcast of energy. Light is a broadcast of energy

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Love is a broadcast of energy. Light is a broadcast of energy.
Living forms can feel it. Animals, humans and plants. And planets, too :)

Love your beautiful planet.

Light and love is energy broadcast(ed)
When you get anxious/stressed you push negative energy inside of you to you(r liver?)

How to remove toxins from your body?
Breathe. Imagine negative energy leaving your live and your body.
Breathe in. Imagine positive enregy, health and peace entering your body.
Breathe out. Imagine negative enregy, stress and unhealth leaving your body.

Repeat these phrases as your breathe in, and out.

Make your liver sing. :)

Talk about your problems with someone. Friends, unknowns?, pidgeons in the park, ball with the face painted on it :), or even tell them to your self.
For example, you can tell them to your self. Be your own confindant.

Just don't keep your problems inside of yourself. They will wear you down. Instead, you should wear them out. :)

If you are student, when you think about the written exam you had, do not worry about what you wrote. You cannot change it.
Instead accept it, learn from it, and tell yourself you will do (even) better next time.

Tell yourself I will worry about it in 40 minutes, or later, or ... never :).

That is why women live longer, cause they talk about their problems, and release, remove negative energy from their body.
Men, unfortunately dont talk as much about their problems with other men. Maybe only during some physical activity.

Plants and animals can fell energy, and grow/move towards it. When we send them love, they send love back to us.

Planet (and our surroundings), can fell energy. When we send love to it, it sends us back love and positive energy