free travel, swim the universe

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Imagine if traveling was free for all. You could just go to the railway station and pick any destination in the world.
You would still have to find a place to stay, but that is what couch surfing is for.
In order to make traveling free, fuel has to be free. Maybe gas from the water? There are some people modifying engines to use buthane gas from water.
Literary, car is running on water.
Or maybe small nuclear reactor.
Portable nuclear battery. Fusion? Fission? There is some new experimental nuclear reactor being built in France...

Energy from oxygen from water.

Car running on oxygen gathered from water.
Car running on carbon dioxide, or methane.

How does fish swim the river? :) Source of the energy. If universe = river, we could "swim the universe". In the vessels. Using cosmic energy?
Using energy of the universe, sliding/swimming on it? Or maybe like on a rolercoaster. There is no (need for) propulsion.