to love and to be in love

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To love someone - to be nice to one.
To be in love with someone - to can't imagine your life without someone. Energies intertwined, like two tree branches.

You can't pretend to be in love someone just to be nice to that person.
You should not do that.
That is not fair to that person.
That is lie.

There is a difference between compassion and pity.
Compassion is OK, but don't pity people.
Most people don't like to be pitied.

Just be honest. To yourself and to others.

Do not lie to girls.
If you lie about something, and they will found out, they will think your love is lie.
They will think everything you ever said was a lie.

But if she is the one, hold her. Be her light, like she is yours.

Jerry Maguire (1996)